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Tenant Representation

Whether you are a local operator seeking a small space or a large corporation seeking an anchor space we provide elite representation services.

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Representation Services

  • Office/ Industrial Relocation, Expansion, Acquisition, New Site Selection
  • Facility Expansion, Lease Renewals, TI Negotiations
  • Disposition of Excess Assets
  • Subleasing Existing Space
  • Buy vs. Lease Analysis
  • Location/ Negotiation Strategy
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Get The Most Out of Your Space


Off Market Spaces

If we can't find anything that works for our clients on the market, we are able to provide additional off market spaces that are coming soon because we have a portfolio of properties we manage.


Landlord Insight

Because many of our Brokers are landlords themselves, they know how landlords think and how to maximize value for both parties.

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Many Brokers are slow to respond on smaller deals, good thing we aren't lazy. We treat all deals the same regardless of size, and always respond and perform efficiently.


Tenant Improvement Resources 

We are with you from the beginning of the deal to the end, and then some. We constantly manage projects whether they are our own or are clients, and we are happy to share our resources with our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost be represented by a Broker?

Nothing! The industry standard is the Landlord pays both the Tenant and Landlord side commissions.

What financial information am I required to submit to apply for a commercial lease?

Every landlord is different, but generally you will be required to submit:

  • Two Years Tax Returns
  • Two Months of Bank Statements
  • A Credit Report
  • A Personal Financial Statement
  • A brief outline of who you are and what you do
How long does it take to lease commercial property?

Generally deals take anywhere from 2-8 weeks, however, this can range significantly due to permits, use, build out, etc.

What does a NNN or Modified gross Lease mean?

NNN and modified gross are different "types" of leases. You may often see the term "full service" as well. A very short explantation is NNN is where Landlord bills an estimated amount for property taxes, insurance, and cams and then reconciles at the end of each year and gives back the difference. You will generally see NNN leases in retail property but sometimes you will find them across various other asset classes.

A modified gross, is where the Tenant pays one lump sum rent amount, plus certain utilities such as PG&E, water, or janitorial depending on how it is modified. Generally, these pertain to office, industrial, and sometimes strip centers.

A Full Service Lease is most often used for Office, and generally includes rent, water, power, and janitorial hence the term "Full Service". Please note these are very brief descriptions and if you have any additional questions feel free to gives us a call.

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